We offer unique services to those involved in the not-for-profit and statutory sectors. We have developed a deep understanding of organisational dynamics and structures, and are able to engage with a new organisation rapidly.

To us, successful services must maintain a balance between local realities, the national framework and the constantly changing world of modern local government. Successful organisations must be prepared to constantly review, improve and re-focus their services. Solutions need to be designed individually, and implemented sensitively but robustly. Change is a challenging time for everyone. If an organisation is struggling, the trustees and managers need to change alongside the staff.

We have worked in the advice, housing and social sectors, and believe that everyone has the right to a secure, affordable and decent home; they must be able to access and enforce their legal entitlements. We also fully acknowledge that rights have to be balanced by responsibilities, and firmly believe that social policy and campaigning should underpin the work of advice agencies where possible.

We have worked with a range of organisations in the not-for-profit sector and have extensive experience on raising vitally-needed funds to deliver these services. We have been successful in raising funds from statutory and voluntary sources, and are experienced in applying for, and managing, grant funds and bidding for, and delivering, services under contract.

We are committed to the development and delivery of high quality services in an effective manner. Change is inevitable in the 21st century and organisations, directors, trustees, managers and staff often need support to embrace this aspect of service delivery. In a challenging economic time, organisations may need to look to creating new partnerships or merging to ensure the maintenance of the service to their customers. Social Enterprise schemes can meet gaps in services and we have been involved in developing an innovative new social enterprise property management business to increase housing opportunities for socially excluded people.

We specialise in all aspects of legal advice service provision, project management, training, research, fundraising, evaluation and strategy development. We offer help, guidance and advice from front-line operational problems to strategic developments.


JANE FILBY (Partner)

An Arts graduate with thirty years experience in the statutory and not-for-profit sector .

Has been a partner in FMA for over five years and has extensive successful management experience.

Was Shelter’s Area Manager for Devon for over ten years.

Developed and set up a successful new Housing Advice Centre in Cornwall and secured on-going funding for this initiative.

Has worked very closely with the Local Authorities of Devon in developing homelessness strategies, and chaired the county-wide co-ordinating group for Homelessness Officers for a number of years.

Has staff support, development, recruitment, disciplinary and grievance experience.

Has extensive project development experience with outstanding results, including the inception and development of Plymouth Access to Housing, an independent NFP that has grown and developed over the past 14 years.

Has strategic management and development expertise.

Was a member of The Adviser magazine’s Editorial Board for over 10 years.


Politics and Philosophy graduate with twenty-seven years of experience in the provision of legal advice and training, and of driving successful social policy initiatives.

Has considerable media experience, broadcasting on both television and radio, and has written for many key publications in the housing field. Is frequently called on by BBC regional radio for comment and discussion on social, welfare and housing issues.

Developed extensive legal casework experience including several landmark cases heard in both the Court of Appeal and House of Lords.

Has developed and delivered training courses on all aspects of homelessness and varied housing topics to statutory and voluntary organisations, with outstanding results.

Has extensive experience facilitating multi-agency work and bringing together disparate parties, and forging effective working relationships and solutions.

Has developed training packages for Citizens Advice Bureaux and Shelter, and designed and carried out Training Needs Analyses for advisers in the Not-for Profit sector.

Was a member of Shelter’s strategic Policy Planning Group for seven years, and drove a number of the organisation’s key strategic initiatives during that time.



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